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Farway, Devon, England



Latitude: 50.7541833333333, Longitude: -3.16102777777778


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jane  1795Farway, Devon, England I22607
2 CLARKE, James  1782Farway, Devon, England I5463
3 COTTEY, Abraham  1791Farway, Devon, England I1865
4 COTTEY, Elizabeth  1783Farway, Devon, England I5452
5 COTTEY, George  1782Farway, Devon, England I10860
6 COTTEY, Sarah  1786Farway, Devon, England I10871
7 COTTY, Ann Warry  29 Dec 1822Farway, Devon, England I2016
8 COTTY, Lucy (Louisa)  1789Farway, Devon, England I1811
9 COTTY, Mary  Abt 1779Farway, Devon, England I1859
10 DARE, Annie Sophia  1893Farway, Devon, England I2006
11 DARE, Eva Maud  1894Farway, Devon, England I2010
12 LANE, Elizabeth  1841Farway, Devon, England I6784
13 LOVERIDGE, Bessie  1869Farway, Devon, England I22591
14 LOVERIDGE, Eliza  1842Farway, Devon, England I22575
15 LOVERIDGE, Isaac  Dec 1839Farway, Devon, England I22574
16 LOVERIDGE, Joel  1831Farway, Devon, England I22564
17 LOVERIDGE, John  1835Farway, Devon, England I22566
18 LOVERIDGE, Joseph  1833Farway, Devon, England I22565
19 LOVERIDGE, Joshua  1826Farway, Devon, England I22562
20 LOVERIDGE, Lavinia  1865Farway, Devon, England I22590
21 LOVERIDGE, Maria  1828Farway, Devon, England I22563
22 LOVERIDGE, Maria  1860Farway, Devon, England I22588
23 LOVERIDGE, Mary E  1859Farway, Devon, England I22587
24 LOVERIDGE, William Robert  Dec 1862Farway, Devon, England I22589
25 OLDRIDGE, Margaret  1737Farway, Devon, England I22769
26 REED, Daisy  Abt 1896Farway, Devon, England I22732
27 REED, Ernest  Abt 1895Farway, Devon, England I22731
28 REED, Frank  Abt 1890Farway, Devon, England I22729
29 REED, James  Abt 1891Farway, Devon, England I22730
30 REED, Lily  Abt 1900Farway, Devon, England I22735
31 REED, Mary  Abt 1889Farway, Devon, England I22728
32 REED, Nelson R  Abt 1888Farway, Devon, England I22727
33 REED, Sophia  Abt 1897Farway, Devon, England I22733
34 REED, Walter  Abt 1899Farway, Devon, England I22734
35 REED, William John  25 Sep 1864Farway, Devon, England I1991
36 RICHARDS, Mary  31 Aug 1806Farway, Devon, England I2015
37 SNELL, Amos  1860Farway, Devon, England I247
38 SNELL, Bertha  1900Farway, Devon, England I206
39 SNELL, Caroline  19 Jul 1858Farway, Devon, England I249
40 SNELL, Charlotte  25 Dec 1854Farway, Devon, England I21031
41 SNELL, Charlotte Winnifreth  1897Farway, Devon, England I205
42 SNELL, Clara  1867Farway, Devon, England I2544
43 SNELL, Daniel  1871Farway, Devon, England I262
44 SNELL, Edward  1853Farway, Devon, England I250
45 SNELL, Elizabeth  1829Farway, Devon, England I10249
46 SNELL, Emanuel  1842Farway, Devon, England I10293
47 SNELL, Emanuel  1887Farway, Devon, England I13333
48 SNELL, Emanuel John  16 Jul 1865Farway, Devon, England I12132
49 SNELL, Emma  1868Farway, Devon, England I3684
50 SNELL, Frank  1872Farway, Devon, England I2545

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 CLARKE, James  8 Sep 1782Farway, Devon, England I5463
2 COTTEY, Abraham  10 Apr 1791Farway, Devon, England I1865
3 COTTEY, Elizabeth  2 Nov 1783Farway, Devon, England I5452
4 COTTEY, George  8 Mar 1782Farway, Devon, England I10860
5 COTTEY, Martha  30 Apr 1780Farway, Devon, England I10849
6 COTTEY, Sarah  15 Jan 1786Farway, Devon, England I10871
7 COTTY, Lucy (Louisa)  12 Apr 1789Farway, Devon, England I1811
8 COTTY, Mary  5 Jan 1779Farway, Devon, England I1859
9 OLDRIDGE, Margaret  5 Jul 1737Farway, Devon, England I22769
10 SNELL, Amos  25 Dec 1860Farway, Devon, England I247
11 SNELL, Caroline  8 Sep 1858Farway, Devon, England I249
12 SNELL, Charlotte  27 Mar 1864Farway, Devon, England I21031
13 SNELL, Clara  2 Jun 1867Farway, Devon, England I2544
14 SNELL, Daniel  27 Feb 1871Farway, Devon, England I262
15 SNELL, Edward  13 Apr 1853Farway, Devon, England I250
16 SNELL, Elizabeth  3 May 1829Farway, Devon, England I10249
17 SNELL, Emanuel  5 Jun 1842Farway, Devon, England I10293
18 SNELL, Emma  19 Jan 1868Farway, Devon, England I3684
19 SNELL, Frank  22 Dec 1872Farway, Devon, England I2545
20 SNELL, Fred  13 Sep 1874Farway, Devon, England I2546
21 SNELL, George  6 May 1839Farway, Devon, England I7827
22 SNELL, Henry  22 Jun 1834Farway, Devon, England I8027
23 SNELL, Henry James  25 Dec 1854Farway, Devon, England I2543
24 SNELL, James  29 Nov 1831Farway, Devon, England I10282
25 SNELL, John  3 Feb 1744Farway, Devon, England I22291
26 SNELL, John  18 Apr 1789Farway, Devon, England I22498
27 SNELL, John  12 Jan 1845Farway, Devon, England I10260
28 SNELL, Louisa  6 Aug 1848Farway, Devon, England I7760
29 SNELL, Mary Ann  26 Nov 1826Farway, Devon, England I7816
30 SNELL, Mary Ann  13 Jul 1851Farway, Devon, England I251
31 SNELL, Samuel  16 Jul 1865Farway, Devon, England I22338
32 SNELL, Sarah Ann  25 May 1862Farway, Devon, England I260
33 SNELL, Susan  16 Apr 1837Farway, Devon, England I10271
34 SNELL, Thirza  27 Mar 1870Farway, Devon, England I22340
35 SNELL, William  7 Sep 1851Farway, Devon, England I7683
36 SNELL, William  29 Apr 1866Farway, Devon, England I255
37 SNELL, William John  28 Aug 1859Farway, Devon, England I252
38 WHITE, Amos  15 Apr 1764Farway, Devon, England I22859
39 WHITE, Emily Sophia  30 Aug 1863Farway, Devon, England I1981
40 WHITE, Frank Wood  26 May 1868Farway, Devon, England I1982
41 WHITE, Harry  15 Jul 1877Farway, Devon, England I1987
42 WHITE, James  14 Feb 1762Farway, Devon, England I22858
43 WHITE, John  16 Mar 1766Farway, Devon, England I22860
44 WHITE, Minnie  9 Feb 1879Farway, Devon, England I1986
45 WHITE, Samuel  15 Jun 1767Farway, Devon, England I22861
46 WHITE, Sarah Ann  25 Dec 1865Farway, Devon, England I1990
47 WOOD, Amos  2 May 1784Farway, Devon, England I2565
48 WOOD, Anna Maria  21 Mar 1790Farway, Devon, England I2567
49 WOOD, Elizabeth  30 Mar 1823Farway, Devon, England I1794
50 WOOD, George  13 Sep 1818Farway, Devon, England I11044

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLARKE, James  1831Farway, Devon, England I5463
2 CLARKE, Mary Ann  1851Farway, Devon, England I7738
3 COTTEY, Abraham  1859Farway, Devon, England I1865
4 COTTEY, Elizabeth  1863Farway, Devon, England I5452
5 COTTEY, George  1782Farway, Devon, England I10860
6 COTTEY, George  1802Farway, Devon, England I6971
7 COTTEY, Sarah  1810Farway, Devon, England I10871
8 COTTY, Lucy (Louisa)  1875Farway, Devon, England I1811
9 COTTY, Mary  1806Farway, Devon, England I1859
10 HARRIS, Mary  Nov 1816Farway, Devon, England I11082
11 LETTEN, Joan  1816Farway, Devon, England I7483
12 SNELL, Edward  16 Nov 1851Farway, Devon, England I7727
13 SNELL, Thurza  1872Farway, Devon, England I265
14 STYLING, Mary  1854Farway, Devon, England I1956
15 THORN, John  1920Farway, Devon, England I1800
16 VINCENT, Thomas  1820Farway, Devon, England I10976
17 WHITE, Elizabeth Harriet  1914Farway, Devon, England I1834
18 WOOD, Ann  Aft 1881Farway, Devon, England I1848
19 WOOD, George  17 Jan 1819Farway, Devon, England I11044
20 WOOD, Henry  1903Farway, Devon, England I1833
21 WOOD, James  Aft 1881Farway, Devon, England I1831
22 WOOD, William  29 Apr 1846Farway, Devon, England I1826


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 WHITE, Elizabeth Harriet  14 Dec 1914Farway, Devon, England I1834
2 WOOD, Henry  18 May 1903Farway, Devon, England I1833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 COTTEY, Elizabeth  1851Farway, Devon, England I5452
2 SNELL, Edward  1841Farway, Devon, England I7727
3 SNELL, Edward  1851Farway, Devon, England I7727
4 WOOD, Emanuel  1841Farway, Devon, England I1836
5 WOOD, James  1841Farway, Devon, England I1831
6 WOOD, William  1841Farway, Devon, England I1826


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 CLARKE, Mary Ann  1851Farway, Devon, England I7738
2 COTTEY, Elizabeth  1851Farway, Devon, England I5452
3 COTTEY, Elizabeth  1861Farway, Devon, England I5452
4 SNELL, Edward  1841Farway, Devon, England I7727
5 SNELL, Edward  1851Farway, Devon, England I7727


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COTTEY / LETTEN  1 Apr 1777Farway, Devon, England F2242
2 CROSS / COTTEY  3 May 1801Farway, Devon, England F3309
3 PRATT / COTTY  19 Apr 1832Farway, Devon, England F547
4 REED / WHITE  12 Oct 1886Farway, Devon, England F543
5 RICHARDS / COTTY  3 Jul 1803Farway, Devon, England F506
6 ROWLAND / SNELL  20 Apr 1859Farway, Devon, England F72
7 SNELL / CLARKE  9 Apr 1826Farway, Devon, England F2456
8 SNELL / DEEM  9 Sep 1789Farway, Devon, England F6865
9 SNELL / DOBLE  1 Mar 1866Farway, Devon, England F1132
10 SNELL / LANE  29 Nov 1860Farway, Devon, England F2169
11 SNELL / LOVING  6 Apr 1851Farway, Devon, England F735
12 SNELL / MARSHALL  27 Mar 1744Farway, Devon, England F6847
13 SNELL / SNELL  21 Apr 1850Farway, Devon, England F3648
14 SNELL / WOOD  18 Feb 1896Farway, Devon, England F546
15 SPILLER / WHITE  11 Nov 1896Farway, Devon, England F541
16 VINCENT / COTTEY  27 Mar 1808Farway, Devon, England F3314
17 WHITE / CLEGG  14 May 1753Farway, Devon, England F6979
18 WHITE / WOOD  1861Farway, Devon, England F495
19 WOOD / COTTY  30 Mar 1809Farway, Devon, England F483

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